Tango SLIM
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Tango SLIM

69,00 €
Including VAT. 24.00 %

Only 3.8 mm thick activity tracker! Fits to your pocket, wallet etc.

• Only 3.8 mm thick, credit card sized!

• Bluetooth technology communication between the tracker and smart device

• Smartphone app Tango GO! provides all the setting + data memory of your activities during the day

• 7 LED display show the scale of current step amount vs your target goal set on the mobile app

• 3D Accelerometer motion sensor provides all round accurate step count (shown in the mobile app)

• Calories burned (shown in the mobile app)

• Distance travelled (shown in the mobile app)

• Automatic exercise timer (shown in the mobile app)

• Using CR2025 Coin battery, battery life for about 1 month

• IPX4 splash water proof

System Requirements

Apple iOS devices: iOS 6.0+, iPhone 4S+, iPad Touch (5th generation +)

Android devices: Android 4.3+

Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart Ready devices

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